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Kalayatra is a democratic movement for ‘art conservation’ which involves everyone, from young students to travelers to corporate organizations in an endeavor to document, appreciate and understand indigenous Indian art and artisan community.

Three decades ago, ‘environmental conservation’ was rarely discussed and look where we are now. Art conservation’s the need of the hour as we see various indigenous Indian art forms on the brink of extinction, fighting for survival and celebrating success in the same frame.

A Little Of Our Story

Research and Documentation

Kalayatra travels to various artisan clusters in different parts of India to understand the societal, economic and geographic reasons that make them who they are. A thorough research and documentation is conducted which involves spending ample time with the artists, their families and observing the work they do. This is further documented and presented in the form of easy literature on the website and some in the form of on-demand documents. Kalayatra also simultaneously talks to organizations working for artisan and art development to shed light on the various initiatives taken. We also convert this documentation into material of study for various educational institutions.

Our Company Values

Art Tours

Kalayatra believes in experiencing artisan life to understand and appreciate their creation. We organize one day art tours for children from various schools and colleges to various artisan pockets within and around their city of residence. Comprehensive storytelling kits which comprise of data on the artists and their lives and work along with show and tell sessions, training workshops and experiential trips provide a rounded view of the art and handicraft situation in India.

A Little Of Our Story


Kalayatra works closely with the artisan clusters and assists in the promotion of their work. This includes connecting them with bigger organizations in the field of art development, NGOs, education institutions and CSR initiatives of various companies. We also work on independent campaigns and crowd funding initiatives which compliments the development of indigenous art in India.

Kalayatra is incubated at IIM-Bangalore, supported by Goldman Sachs and Department of Science and Technology, Government of India..